About The Piano Consultancy

The Piano Consultancy provides a professional piano tuning, repair and restoration service in London and surrounding areas.

Piano tuning in the home, tunings for professional musicians, concert venues, recording, TV and radio studios, schools, churches and other venues, are all catered for.

Piano Tuning

To ensure your piano is always ready for use, twice yearly tunings are recommended. Pianos used in recording studios, concert venues, schools and other music venues are tuned more frequently.

Standard Tuning

The Standard Tuning is ideal if your piano is already close to International Concert pitch (A440).

Pitch Raise Tuning

If a piano has not been tuned for a long period, its pitch will drift from Concert Pitch - A440.

A series of Pitch Raising tunings will bring your piano back to the correct pitch and in tune with other musical instruments.

Arts and Entertainment

The Piano Consultancy provides Standby Tuning, Tour Support and Technical Services for professional musicians, concert and recording venues. We prepare pianos for theatres and films.

Types of pianos tuned and serviced include:

The Piano Consultancy services come highly recommended by a variety of professional musicians, recording artists, film production and entertainment organisations.

Repairs and Restoration

The Piano Consultancy provides a first class repair and restoration service.

Based on an inspection and written estimate, your piano will be restored in fine detail using traditional tradecraft skills and techniques. Repairs and restoration are guaranteed to be of the highest standard.

Repairs include:

Payments accepted by credit/debit cards through the secure PayPal link